I am sooo ready for Spring this year!

But Mother Nature has had other ideas here in New England. We hope that Winter
has finally taken it's last gasp, but who knows.....

I have been ramping up my sewing and have several new bears to show you as soon
as the finishing touches are complete. You see Betty Sue and her little sock monkey
above. They will be available at the Quinlan show in Philadelphia April 29-May 1.

The show schedule to the left has been updated. The Raspbearies hope to  see you
in Philladelphia, Syracuse, Farmington, CT and Hunt Valley  this year.

Last September, the Raspbearies celebrated 30 years in business. Coincidentally,
They also appeared in the January 2016 Teddy Bear & Friends with a lovely story.
Here is a link to the digital version:    
TB&F JAN 2016

Here is a PDF file if you can't use the link directly:    TB&F pdf

Meanwhile, back at Rapbeary Cottage, I have only recently started to venture
downstairs to the bear studio as I rehab the new knee. It is still hard to sit for a
long period and so sewing is a bit dicey. Alas, I have a very sparse inventory of
bears and also a few special projects that await my muse. So in the coming months,
I hope to be repopulating the galleries with bears that are actually available for
purchase. What a novel idea!

Have a warm and fuzzy Holiday Season and hope to see you in the new year!
Vicki & the Raspbearies
Birds are singin' and buds are poppin' so it must be Spring!

My winter months have been filled with house projects and babysitting and
Pat's retirement. Who knew about all the paperwork! And now that Pat is a
man of leisure, he thinks he needs an accomplice - on call.
Whoa....what happened to the time for bear making and updating the web site?
So here I am again, struggling to get bears - in all sorts of states of unfinished -
completed in time for the show in Philadelphia.

In January, I had so many ideas and I will, hopefully, get some of them
completed in time for the trip South. I have been tinkering with new techniques,
going back into my storage bins for old/new props and pulling out long forgotten
furs from the back of the closet. Sadly, I don't think I can ever use them all up!

Well, as I sit here typing this out, I keep thinking of the 3 bears I would like to get
done by this weekend. So I will close by pointing out that I have been posting
pictures much more quickly on the Raspbearies FaceBook page. It takes a lot more
time to update the pages here in the crunch days.

The schedule to the left is filling up. I have a full plate again this year. I hope the
Raspbearies and I will catch you all somewhere along the line.

Enjoy the blossoming spring and warmer weather!
© 2007-2017 Vicki Stephan Updated May 2017
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Faster...arf...Faster, Faster...arf,arf.... !
Gallery Piece for
The Quinlan Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention
May 4-6, 2017

Bears  Near
Sept 23, 2017
10 am - 2 pm
Homewood Suites
2 Farm Glen Blvd.
Farmington, CT

Hunt Valley  
Holiday Teddy
Bear Show
November 12, 2017
10 am - 3 pm
Embassy Suites
213 International
Hunt Valley, MD

Rocking Horse
December 2, 2017?