The Raspbearies have some exciting news!

While I was busy cleaning and laying in food in preparation for my second knee
replacement, the Raspbearies celebrated their 30th Anniversary!
And, just coincidentally, Teddy Bear and Friends Magazine asked us to do an
interview for them. It's now available online, in the January 2016 issue and will soon
be arriving in your mailbox if you are a subscriber.

Here is a link to the digital version:    
TB&F JAN 2016

Here is a PDF file if you can't use the link directly:    TB&F pdf

Thanks for the great article, Sharon, and the great photos from
the crew at Teddy Bear and Friends! And thank all of YOU for the
support you have given me for 30 years!

Meanwhile, back at Rapbeary Cottage, I have only recently started to venture
downstairs to the bear studio as I rehab the new knee. It is still hard to sit for a
long period and so sewing is a bit dicey. Alas, I have a very sparse inventory of
bears and also a few special projects that await my muse. So in the coming months,
I hope to be repopulating the galleries with bears that are actually available for
purchase. What a novel idea!

Have a warm and fuzzy Holiday Season and hope to see you in the new year!
Vicki & the Raspbearies
© 2007-2015 Vicki Stephan Updated December 2015
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Raspbearies will be
at these upcoming
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Tentative, but
incomplete schedule

Quinlan Doll &
Teddy Bear

April 29- May 1
Clarion Hotel &
Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA


Details TBA
for Syracuse, NY
Meet Faolan
That's Scottish/Irish Gaelic for 'wolf')
(Details on the Gallery 1 page)